Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 3: Stick a cork in it!

Continuing on the Green theme: My aunt is a wine-o. Ya, I said it. Our whole family really loves wine-- so, she isn't the only one. She has been saving corks and sent me a bag full of em. I used them for decor for a while, but I really wanted to put them to good use.
I have a spot in my office where I need to be able to hang things. (just above my desk, but below my shelving) I don't want to put a huge cork board there, so I decided to make a strip.

Wine Corks - I used 68 corks.
Foam board (you can also use a piece of wood or anything to secure the corks to)
Felt (enough to cover the foam board or to put on the back of the wood so you dont scratch the wall)
Hot glue: I'm addicted to hot glue. I'm totally going to run out now, must replenish supply.

  • Cut the foam board to the desired size. I used a rotoray cutter.

  • Learn from my mistake: I did the felt as an after thought. If you are covering foam board- cover it first! You dont need to cover the front-- just the back and the sides, covering just enought so that you won't see the edges.

  • Glue on the corks in pairs, gluing both a strip on the side (to attach the corks together) then glue the bottoms on to the board and just keep going!

I'm still working on how i am going to get this thing to hang- pobably picture hangers- or wire screwed into the cork. Will figure that out later today and fill you in.

Happy Crafting!!

This is Wyatt, he is my lil crafting buddy, usually he is a pretty big pest, expecially if I am doing anything with string. UGH. He decided to get right in the middle of everything this time!!!

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  1. I never thought of trying to make a strip so it would fit the space I want. Great idea!