Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 2: Getting Green! Magazine bowl

I decided to go green today! I found a really clever craft using old magazines to make a bowl! How totally cool is this?!

To make this:
  • 2 magazines -I used old Martha Stewart magazines because they are a little bigger
  • Hot glue glun and PLENTY of glue sticks
  • Modge Podge-
  • Ribbon
Take apart each sheet, don't worry if the torn page isn't perfect. Fold longways into half inch strips, start winding in a circle to make the bottom of the bowl use the hot glue to secure the ends. I also dotted the paper as I went along the winding process. This will also help with stability of the bowl.
Once you have the base of the bow the size that you want-- start building up the sides of the bowl little by little, making sure that you continue to wind tightly for stability.

After you have the bowl shaped the way you want it, paint on heavy coats of modge. After Modge podge dries, add a ribbon on the lip of the bowl to secure the paper down, I used hot glue for this as well.

There you have it-- it's cute AND green! What a great gift this would make, dont you think??
Tell me what YOU think and let me know if you have tried it. I loved it so much, I think I will make another!!

Other ideas:
Trivets/Hot Pads: just make the base and dont build up the sides. DONT use modge podge on this, because it WILL melt it. :)
Vases: You can start with a glass vase so that it will be water tight

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  1. Looks awesome. I've never tried it but I may now.