Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vintage-like fabric

Picture it: Tye, Texas--the 1960s-ish... My Granny in her kitchen... The cabinets were Avacodo Green, the countertops a bright orange, when you opened a cabinet- the shelf paper was covered in brown and orange mushrooms. It was super groovy, to say the least. I grew up in that house, the house my daddy grew up in. My room was my aunt Elaine's old room. (it was still Merkel Badger Gold until I was about 12 or 13. hahaha. Dad bought the house from my grandparents, so my poor mom had to deal with the 60s decor until she changed it a few years later.
Friday, while browsing the fabric in Joanne's I came across THE most groovy vintage-look-a-like fabric that I have seen in a while! It reminded me soooo much of my granny's kitchen (and later my mom and dad's kitchen). Well, needless to say, I had to purchase a yard of it. I really want to make myself an apron out of it, but I am a bit sewing challenged. So, from some of the fabric, I decided to make myself a mug rug. I heart these little mug rugs! And because I love mushrooms so much, I decided to make myself a drink coaster as well.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trash to Treasure! CONTEST With a PRIZE

You can see this contest (and subscribe to my other blog as well.

Trash to treasure, aaaaaha- the words of a true frugal artist....
Have you ever noticed a really cute pattern on a free flyer? I see stuff like this on boxes, flyers, all kinds of stuff! Inspiration can be found everywhere.

The collection below was made from a Starbucks Nutrition Guide. I picked one up one day with the intent of making some better choices for my diet..... and I ended up making some better choices for my crafty cards! I cut the print out, backed it on some great quality Stampin Up! paper and used some sentiments from my favorite SU stamp sets!

so-- Just for fun-- I've decided to have a little contest with my friends! Submit your trash to treasure craft to me via email at and I will pick my favorite for a FREE suprise gift! so, let's just see what you all come up with!

Happy Crafting!!!

(this is a gift card holder!)

(yes, I like to sew paper.)

(just added a little shimmer spray to make it look like latte was spilled on the card! Cute, eh? Sentiment says "caffein isn't a drug, it's a vitamin!")

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Barbie Barbie Barbie....

This weekend it was all about Barbie and her many looks.
I have a gagillion pieces of fabric to work with. So, off to make my sweet girls some Barbie clothes.
To add to my fun.... I texted my friend that lives back home to offer some handmade stockings to needy families. To my suprise, she had a family in mind. Man, God just works his magic sometimes! I asked if this family had girls that play with Barbies-- and to my delight, they do. So-- I'm donating some hand made- totally cute (if I do say so to myself)
Barbie clothes to these girls! So, thought I have had allergy headache and issues all day, I muddled through it and worked on some presents!! :) Some are patterns, some are really just made with my very own brain.
The 1st and second pics are clothes with aprons over them. There are tops, pants, skirts, a belt, and a purse.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

my girl needs barbie furniture..

So my neice loves her some Barbie! Every girl needs a little chic Barbie furniture! And, since my Gracen is a little bit sweet and a little bit Rock and Roll, her awesome aunt Melli made her some cheetah print Barbie furniture.

We have a dresser (made from an old unused jewelry box), a sofa with cushions- formed from an instant oatmeal box (covered in batting and fabric), a chair from an electronics box (covered in batting and fabric), an ottoman from a smaller electronics box (fabric and batting again-- added some glitter paint to that little bugger), and finally the cutest pet bed that you ever did see!

Monday, April 18, 2011

more more moooooore!!

Key Chain.. a pathways gift..

Back due to high demand (Erica) hehehe...........

Here is what I have been up to while I have been away...

Just some cute lil paper crafts.. .

This is a collage that I made for Kelly while she was going through Pathways... I think I want to be a collage artist when I grow up.

(this is a frame with Tulle bunched up and stapled to the frame.. wth ribbons in front of it. -- it holds hair bows.)

Stay Tuned........ More to come-- Need to download it from the iphone!!