Monday, October 31, 2011

Trash to Treasure! CONTEST With a PRIZE

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Trash to treasure, aaaaaha- the words of a true frugal artist....
Have you ever noticed a really cute pattern on a free flyer? I see stuff like this on boxes, flyers, all kinds of stuff! Inspiration can be found everywhere.

The collection below was made from a Starbucks Nutrition Guide. I picked one up one day with the intent of making some better choices for my diet..... and I ended up making some better choices for my crafty cards! I cut the print out, backed it on some great quality Stampin Up! paper and used some sentiments from my favorite SU stamp sets!

so-- Just for fun-- I've decided to have a little contest with my friends! Submit your trash to treasure craft to me via email at and I will pick my favorite for a FREE suprise gift! so, let's just see what you all come up with!

Happy Crafting!!!

(this is a gift card holder!)

(yes, I like to sew paper.)

(just added a little shimmer spray to make it look like latte was spilled on the card! Cute, eh? Sentiment says "caffein isn't a drug, it's a vitamin!")

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