Sunday, October 2, 2011

Barbie Barbie Barbie....

This weekend it was all about Barbie and her many looks.
I have a gagillion pieces of fabric to work with. So, off to make my sweet girls some Barbie clothes.
To add to my fun.... I texted my friend that lives back home to offer some handmade stockings to needy families. To my suprise, she had a family in mind. Man, God just works his magic sometimes! I asked if this family had girls that play with Barbies-- and to my delight, they do. So-- I'm donating some hand made- totally cute (if I do say so to myself)
Barbie clothes to these girls! So, thought I have had allergy headache and issues all day, I muddled through it and worked on some presents!! :) Some are patterns, some are really just made with my very own brain.
The 1st and second pics are clothes with aprons over them. There are tops, pants, skirts, a belt, and a purse.

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