Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 15: It was music to my ears

So-- for day 15, I have nothing visual to post. Instead of making something that you can see, I made something you can hear... but not yet. lol I will just blog about it instead.

Here's the dealio:
I 'm taking a core training series called Pathways for the past 4 months now. It's been a really eye opening experience. I have been working hard at finding some keys that unlock the doors to my success. HARD WORK! But, I have a feeling that if I keep at it, this work will pay off. I just have to keep these lessons in my heart and my head.

So--- for my graduation this up coming weekend, I decided to write our class song. I volunteered to do this because I really wanted to give something back to the class, facilitators, and everyone who volunteers with this organization which has done so much for me. I find that my music is my own personal and unique way of saying thank you.

Having said all that-- HOLY MOLY, I had no idea it was going to be this much of a challenge for me. I have been working on the song for about 2 months and have had many beginnings to songs that I am just not happy with. Then, last week, when I was thinking all hope was lost and this song wasn't going to come to me, it finally hit me! Exciting stuff. As a songwriter, the music that is good really comes to me in a flash. Davine inspiration? maybe so...
This time, I wrote about half of it in about 15 to 20 minutes, waited a couple of days and sat down and just finished it. I was leery to play it for very many people- because a) it is very personal and b) I'm always self conscious about what I write. It's that tortured artist in me.

Now-- the song has been written, I have played it for one of my musician friends whose musical opinion greatly respect. His response: "Melli, this is the best song you have ever brought me." Those are some mighty powerful words. We have recorded another song together that we both feel is radio worthy and a great little tune... but this one, this one is a little more meaningful.

As a songwriter, it's a happy moment for someone else to acknowledge your talents. It's a proud moment for another musician to compliment your writing style. It's an exciting moment when you hear that perfect voice accompany you. I have to admit, when this guy sings with me, I just fall in love with the song. Our voices lend themselves to each other like crazy. And when my buddy picked up that guitar to play that song with me, and started harmonizing, my heart just jumped up and down. This is truly exciting stuff.

I would love to post the song, but I am going to wait for 2 things: a proper recording, and for my class to hear the song first. I really want this song to be a surprise. I'm performing it at our graduation, which should be interesting. I'm really hoping that it pulls at the heart strings of the people most important to me, and they are able to use this song in any capacity that they want. I just really hope that they like it as much as my friend did. Wish me luck!!!

Have a great day folks!!

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